Thank you for your gift to Grace Baptist Church. Because of your financial gift and generosity, you have planted the seeds that will enable Grace to grow in the coming years, provide a church home for you and others, and spread the gospel to the nations. Thank you for answering the call to contribute.

Online Giving

One Time Gift:

  • Click our GIVE NOW button.
  • Enter your gift amount.
  • Give to the fund preselected or click on Tithes & Offerings to bring up other funds which can be supported
  • Click Give.
  • Enter your email.
  • Choose your account type (Credit/debit/checking account).
  • Enter your account number and billing address.
  • Click Give to complete your donation.
  • You’ll receive an email confirmation of your gift.

Recurring Donations:

  • Sign in (or sign up) at
  • Click the GIVING button on the left side of the screen under COMMUNITY.
  • Your giving page will now appear, showing your contributions this year.
  • To set up a recurring gift, click +GIVE.
  • Enter a $amount, choose what areas you’d like to support and select the frequency (one time or recurring).

Enter the payment information.  Click GIVE at the bottom to complete the donation.

Realm App:

  • Download the Realm Connect App from an app store to your phone.  This app will allow you to give one-time gifts, set up recurring gifts, manage your contact information for the church in your profile and find contact information for others in the church.  It’s a handy app to have.

Text Giving:

  • To give via text, text the word GraceBaptistChurch to the phone number 73256. After you give one time, your payment method will be saved.